Nourishing Yourself Postpartum

So much of a new mother’s attention is focused towards her little babe in the beginning, but it’s really important that a new mother is taken care of as well! Her health must be made a priority as well so that she has the energy and clarity for her new role in motherhood. 

During pregnancy your body is completely devoted to your baby, but taking the time to be mindful of your own nutrition once the baby arrives isn’t self indulgent, it’s necessary.

You’re well aware that your new addition has robbed you of a full night’s sleep, but did you know that pregnancy and breastfeeding could also deplete your body’s nutrient stores?

After pregnancy you are more susceptible to anemia, osteopenia, fatigue, and depression. A practical and individualized nutrition plan can help you safely balance your body while replenishing your reserves so you can feel your best.

If you’re breastfeeding, what you eat can also directly affect the quality of your breast milk. Consuming a nutrient dense diet will enrich your milk with the nutrients necessary to help your baby’s brain and body grow and develop.

I really love working with postpartum women! Being fully nourished is an essential component of a new mother’s health & happiness.