Hi, I'm Lauren Frede, functional nutritionist specializing in Women's Hormones & Reproductive Health.

I’m a wife, mum, and Functional Nutritionist with a passion for helping women feel their best. In my private practice, I focus on supporting women to create hormonal health, resolve nutrient deficiencies,  regain vitality in mid-life, prepare their bodies for healthy pregnancies, and support women as they become new mothers. 

I recently moved to Fort Worth, Texas after living in beautiful Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia for the last four years. I see clients locally and online. 

You can connect with me through the Contact page, Instagram, or Facebook.

My Story

In 2012 when I was pregnant with my first child, I thought I was prepared. Childbirth classes – check! Best midwife in town – check! Nursery complete – check! But I neglected to really and properly prepare for what comes after birth and with little education on what to expect, I found myself in a hormonal mess, with no postpartum plan, and a nutrient-depleted body. In short – I was a disaster! And this was only exacerbated when I became pregnant again less than 2 years later. 

Nearly 9 years later I now know I was suffering from a postpartum thyroid disorder which morphed into a full-on autoimmune disease but in the midst of the chaos, I really and truly believed I was losing it – my mind, my body, and my ability to be the parent my children deserve. 

With the help of several wonderful and dedicated naturopaths, nutritionists, and functional GP’s, I was able to feel like myself again. Now, I’m on a mission to make sure no mother feels silly or ignored when she says she just doesn’t feel like herself. I’m on a mission to help mums-to-be get in the best health before, during, and after pregnancy and avoid the pitfalls of nutrient depletion. I’m on a mission to uncover your “root cause” and set you and baby up for your best health!


Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, Nutritional Therapy Association, Sydney, AUS

Certified Nutrition Consultant for Pregnancy, Postpartum and Babies
Oh Baby School of Holistic Nutrition

(Hons.) M.S.W. Master of Social Work, Clinical Counseling, Florida State University

The International Association for Functional Hormone Health, Graduate 2021

Instant HTMA Professional, 2022

Mastering the Art of Functional Blood Chemistry, Fundamenta Wellness Institute, 2022

HTMA Practitioner Training with Lydia Joy, FNTP, 2021

This is your prep work. Before we even get started we’ll take a look at the beliefs we have about ourselves that limit us from reaching our goals. Stop self-sabotage by getting in the right mindset from the very beginning.

Learn to use food to heal your hormones and fuel your life. Stop chasing fad diets and find a way of eating that’s sustainable and helps you meet your goals. We’ll uncover how many women have damaged their metabolism and how we can stop the yo-yo dieting and repair your metabolism for good.

Learn more about your hormones – what they do, how they work together, what happens when they become imbalanced, the phases of your menstrual cycle, and how to live in sync with your cycle.

Gut health and digestion are key when it comes to hormone health. You will learn how to support your gut through mindful eating habits, improved digestion, nutrient absorption, and motility.

We’ll dig into why unbalanced blood sugar is at the root of many hormone problems and weight gain and what you can do about it. Learn about meal timing and how that plays into blood sugar regulation. We’ll also dive into the thyroid and why an underfunctioning thyroid could be contributing to a host of symptoms such as weight gain, fatigue and hair loss.  

Learn about your three primary detox systems that neutralize and remove harmful chemicals: liver, gallbladder, and kidneys. You’ll take a look at how detoxification works, what endocrine disruptors are, how they contribute to symptoms, and how to minimize harmful exposure in your home and daily life. 

Stress is the #1 leading cause of hormone disruption that I see in my practice. Emotional stress isn’t entirely to blame either. You’ll learn the different types of stress that can contribute to imbalance and what you can do about them

You’ll end the program by putting a plan into place for making the changes you’ve seen sustainable and maintainable.