The Healthy, Happy Hormone Academy

Restore your health and naturally balance your hormones so you can reclaim your energy, your confidence, and be the mom you want to be for your kids.

Does any of this sound like you?

Then, mama, you're in the right place!

The Healthy, Happy Hormone Program has been designed in a way that’s realistic and sustainable for moms to help you:

  • get rid of period problems
  • have vibrant energy
  • restore your sex-drive
  • stop the weight gain without deprivation
  • restore your metabolism
  • and improve your hormone health

This program delivers a complete roadmap to restoring your hormonal balance from the ground up. Based on my unique transformative method, we work together to build and strengthen the pillars of your health to create lasting and sustainable changes.

healthy, happy hormones

What you get

Beta Tester Opportunity

Testers get the opportunity to give feedback and guide the development of the course content in exchange for 50% off the launch price. Beta testers also get to be the first affiliates for the course and earn commission when they refer friends, family, or followers.

12 Weeks of Content and Support

The changes you make now will show in your cycle health 3 months from now. For this reason, the Healthy, Happy Hormone Academy provides you with 12 weeks of content and support as you begin to heal your body, balance your hormones, and gain energy.

Student Community

A place to ask questions, share progress, and receive feedback - the student community is a place to connect and grow together.

Optional VIP Upgrade

Personalized nutrition, lifestyle, fitness, and supplement recommendations, bi-weekly check-ins, Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis and results consult, food journal reviews, and access to additional lab testing.

What You'll Learn

This is your prep work. Before we even get started we’ll take a look at the beliefs we have about ourselves that limit us from reaching our goals. Stop self-sabotage by getting in the right mindset from the very beginning.

Learn more about your hormones – what they do, how they work together, what happens when they become imbalanced, the phases of your menstrual cycle, and how to live in sync with your cycle.

Learn to use food to heal your hormones and fuel your life. Stop chasing fad diets and find a way of eating that’s sustainable and helps you meet your goals. We’ll uncover how many women have damaged their metabolism and how we can stop the yo-yo dieting and repair your metabolism for good.

Gut health and digestion are key when it comes to hormone health. You will learn how to support your gut through mindful eating habits, improved digestion, nutrient absorption, and motility.

We’ll dig into why unbalanced blood sugar is at the root of many hormone problems and weight gain and what you can do about it. Learn about meal timing and how that plays into blood sugar regulation. We’ll also dive into the thyroid and why an underfunctioning thyroid could be contributing to a host of symptoms such as weight gain, fatigue and hair loss.  

Learn about your three primary detox systems that neutralize and remove harmful chemicals: liver, gallbladder, and kidneys. You’ll take a look at how detoxification works, what endocrine disruptors are, how they contribute to symptoms, and how to minimize harmful exposure in your home and daily life. 

Stress is the #1 leading cause of hormone disruption that I see in my practice. Emotional stress isn’t entirely to blame either. You’ll learn the different types of stress that can contribute to imbalance and what you can do about them

You’ll end the program by putting a plan into place for making the changes you’ve seen sustainable and maintainable. 

About Me

Hi! I'm Lauren

I’m a wife, mum, and Functional Nutritionist with a passion for helping women feel their best. I focus on supporting women to create hormonal health, resolve nutrient deficiencies,  optimize fertility, and thrive in the midst of motherhood.

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